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• Born and Raised In Polson MT
• Worked at Queens Court for Verna Rolfson through high school and college
• Graduated from Eastern Montana College, Billings MT with Biology Major, Chemistry Minor
• Taught Middle School Science and High School Chemistry
• Served as an Elementary Principal for 17 years
• Honored by President George W. Bush for outstanding student achievement at Disney Elementary School
• Published two well-received books on improving student achievement for Corwin Press
• Earned Masters from Point Loma Nazarene University
• Earned Doctorate Degree from UCLA
• Published two well-received books on education for Corwin Press
• Worked with the Polson Community to pass a $2.5 million High School Bond and a Building Reserve Levy for Polson Schools
• Served 34 years in Public Education

Book Authored by Reksten

Promises Kept to Lake County Citizens in the 2021 Legislative Session:

1. Income Tax Relief – SB 159
2. Property Tax Relief – HB 663; SB 133
3. 2nd Amendment Rights – HB 102; HB 258
4. Jobs and Economy – HB 303; SB 184
5. Pro-Life Bills – HB 136; HB 140; HB 171
6. Election Integrity Bills – HB 176; HB 169; SB 170; SB 93
7. Education – HB 279; HB 89; HB 129; HB 67
8. Freedoms and Vaccine Mandates – SB 215; SB 400; HB 702

Lynda with Gov Gianforte and his wife Susan

Because I serve on the Education Committee, I was invited to Gov. Gianforte and Susan’s home.