I’m Linda Reksten, and I am your conservative America First Republican representative for House District 13.

Linda Reksten This was the bill signing for HB 192 which provides School Capital Improvement Accounts.

We must do more to reduce our increasing property taxes to assist both our retired citizens to remain in our homes and those hoping to buy a home to achieve their dream of ownership. Also, we must continue to address school, town and county infrastructure needs as well as grow our tax base. Overall, when we work together as a community to solve the problems we share, all Lake County citizens benefit. I have proudly served as Superintendent of Schools and two terms as a House Representative for District 12. This service has given me the background and experience to address Lake County issues which have been proven in several bills I have sponsored and signed into law.

Linda Reksten with students

I was born and raised in Polson, as were both my mother and father. My great grandfather, Joseph Cline, came here in 1909 and built the town’s first flour mill and expanded the electrical grid for Polson.. My grandfather, John Cline, owned and operated Ford Motors in Polson. My father’s parents, Gjert and Hilda Reksten homesteaded in Ervin Flats. Lake County runs deep in my family blood line.

If you have concerns about legislation or any other issue, call me at 406-471-8359, or use the form below.

Thank you for voting for me HD 13!